Top 10 best mobile FPS games in September

1/ NERF: Superblast

NERF: Superblast – belongs to the FPS series (first-person shooter). This game genre seems to be no stranger to me, our gamers. With a familiar control mechanism including a navigation button to move on the left and a combination of buttons such as: changing ammunition, food support … on the right. The character will automatically fire when you hit the target or you can customize the manual combat mode, at which time you can shoot by double-clicking.

NERF: Superblast – In addition to the basic Nerf Battle (3vs3) game mode, you can also experience other game modes such as: Token Rush, Siege and Solo (Battle Royale). Winning you will bring back resources such as: Tokens, Cups, gold coins, XP … Accumulating a sufficient number of Cups, you will be able to exchange for new guns, power cards or unlock new maps.

Link game: iOS – Android

2/ Combat Master Mobile

Combat Master Mobile FPS is a fast-paced first-person shooter game that will give you fiery and fierce battles. Whether you are a tactical expert or simply love the graphics of this series, Combat Master will still meet your needs.

Combat Master Mobile FPS is optimally designed for even the lowest-end devices. Ensuring all players have the smoothest and most beautiful experience possible with outstanding 3D graphics, meticulously cared for and detailed contexts, but relatively light capacity.

Link game: iOS – Android – APK

3/ Rise of Demons: mobile FPS

Rise of Demon: mobile FPS – as well as other FPS games possessing extremely beautiful 3D graphics along with in-game images from houses, trees, and weather, all of which are meticulously cared for and detailed. for the gun battles to become real and alive.

The gameplay of the game is relatively simple, revolving around killing each wave of demons to pass each level. Remember to use your skills of throwing grenades, sliding, soaring in the air and swapping weapons to overcome waves of increasingly powerful monsters.

Link game: iOS – Android

4/ Project RushB

Project RushB is a game close to other FPS legends like Counter-Strike or Valorant. The game is full of tension, focusing on teamwork and communicating with other players on your side to plant or destroy bombs. Also earn coins between each round and use that earnings to buy better gear or weapons.

According to reviews, Project RushB is more like Valorant, with a cast of heroic characters, each with their own unique abilities. These abilities create surprises, eye-catching and tactical battles. Thereby, those who are familiar with this genre also immerse themselves in the dramatic competitive atmosphere in the game.

Link game: Android – APK


POLYWAR owns a simple gameplay, you just need to choose Red or Blue team. After choosing your team, you just need to pick up your gun and fight the opposing team. Win or lose depends on your ability as well as your skills.

The game also has many different game modes such as: Team Deathmatch, you will divide the 5v5 team, whichever side has the higher score will win the final, Gun Game for every two kills you will upgrade another gun from low To the highest, Duel 1v1 is a mode where you can solo with other players to assert your level.

Link game: APK – Android

6/ Alpha Ace

Alpha Ace is designed with detailed, sharp 3D graphics and a control system suitable for gameplay on mobile platforms. Players will be completely impressed by the vivid and realistic battle scenes. This game will revive the player’s senses, challenging skills when participating in gun battles with a variety of modes.

There will be many game modes that you do not want to miss in the FPS Alpha Ace game. Includes Demolition Clash (PvP) mode which is a classic bomb squad mode with enhanced graphics and responsive gun battles. You will form teams and score points by defeating enemies. 

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Link game: Android – APK

7/ NCHE: The Escape

NCHE: The Escape plunges the player into a mysterious mental institution, where escape seems impossible. You will have to keep your wits while trying to find a way to escape. As the perfect icing for the cake, the facility is besieged by bloodthirsty zombies so getting all the zombies out of here is a real challenge.

If you don’t know, Cleec Designs is a leading company in architecture, architectural illustration, 3d animation, augmented reality and virtual reality in Nigeria. They can turn all architectural designs into immersive experiences. And the game NCHE: The Escape fully converges the outstanding features both in terms of epic graphics and attractive, attractive first-person shooter gameplay on the familiar zombie theme.

Link game: Android – APK

8/ XDefiant

Tom Clancy is a familiar brand for gamers who love Ubisoft’s shooter, strategy and survival games. Recently, this famous game developer has officially brought to the community a free 2 play tactical shooter game with extremely attractive 6 vs 6 gameplay called XDefiant.

Another interesting detail is that XDefiant gathers all the talents of the Tom Clancy series with 4 factions: The Echelon (Splinter Cell), Wolves (Ghost Recon), Cleaners (The Division) and Outcasts (The Division). Set in the near future, the game promises to conquer the community with modern weapon mechanisms, moving tools and toys to help gamers explore and coordinate with teammates.

9/ Shadowgun Legends

If you’re a fan of Destiny, Halo, or Gears of War, Shadowgun Legends will feel familiar. Shooting game with fast paced, epic co-op gameplay and impressive storyline. Besides.

Shadowgun Legends FPS revolves around a group of mercenaries called Shadowguns that hunt and eliminate aliens, known as The Torment. There’s a wide selection of character and weapon customization options, resulting in gameplay that constantly feels different. Game controls as well as FPS games are not too complicated. Shadowgun Legends is a sci-fi genre that is worth a try.

Link game: iOS– Android

10/ Infinity Ops

Set in the future, Infinity Ops feels similar to Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends in a few ways. Is a sci-fi FPS game with many different character classes to choose from, combined with a variety of weapons and armor, allowing players to take down opponents in many ways.

In addition to being well optimized, making Infinity Ops run smoothly on most devices, the game is equipped with features that make the experience better, with movement and shooting mechanics. This has not always been an easy thing to achieve on mobile, but Infinity Ops has done a great job of achieving it. The textures and images in the game are also very impressive, especially the weapon and character design, making for an attractive shooter.

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