December 6, 2022

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Overwatch 2 – Despite setbacks the game is a success

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Overwatch 2 – Despite setbacks the game is a success

Overwatch 2 – Despite setbacks the game is a success

We talked last week about the abundance of bugs that Overwatch 2 was experiencing, including major problems with connection and disappearance of content on the player profile. Fortunately, most of the problems are now a thing of the past, and the studio is providing an update on the game’s situation and the changes to come for the second season.

Reassuring figures that make us forget a difficult start

Despite its laborious launch and the uncertain gamble of radically changing the economic model of the game, the latest addition from the Californian studio ultimately claims impressive success: indeed, according to the developers, 25 million players have competed on their game since its release on October 4, triple what Overwatch did in 2016. Naturally, free access to the game allows an influx of new players, but the vagueness maintained by the studio until the last moment on Overwatch 2 and the arrival of a Battle Pass as well as a paid collectibles shop raised fears for the worst in terms of reception.

Blizzard Welcomes Game Balance For Current Season

Comforted by the numbers and despite the outrages, Blizzard takes the opportunity to announce that the next rebalancing patch will be deployed in December with the launch of the second season of the Battle Pass. The Californian studio indeed draws up a flattering assessment of the game’s balance for the current season. We thus learn that all the heroes of the game have a win ratio between 45% and 55%, which means that no character is fundamentally unbalanced and too, or too little, powerful compared to the others.

Some players have claimed that D.VA is too oppressive with some changes she received since the game’s open beta, including an upgrade to her defense matrix and missiles, but Blizzard says that’s very relative since Reinhardt , Sigma and Zarya are the Tanks with the highest win ratio (53%). The studio is also satisfied with the performance of the Queen of Junkers, who has had her Commanding Scream ability nerfed since the beta. On the other hand, the performance of Doomfist, a former DPS from Overwatch who switched to the Tank category for the second opus, is being closely monitored by the developers for possible changes in Season 2.

At the DPS tier, Sombra, Symmetra, Torbjorn, and Genji are the characters most likely to receive changes in the December rebalance. While they aren’t overly powerful, the studio says they’re keeping an eye on them as they’ve seen their win ratio increase slightly from game to game.

As for the newcomer among the supporting characters, Kiriko , she would have immediately won over players by becoming the character chosen by 75% of players playing in this category within the week of the game’s release. began to master its gameplay and mechanics, its win ratio went from 48% to 52% on average.

What to expect for Battle Pass Season 2?

Regarding the cards in the game, the studio reveals that there will be a rotation system each season . Thus, cards will be added when others are removed. Among those making their debut for the second season will include Rialto, a map from the first game that is currently not present, with Blizzard needing to adjust the old maps to the new 5v5 such as adding more cover for players to compensate for the lack of coverage. absence of a second tank. However, all maps will remain available for custom or arcade games. They will simply be removed alternately from the queues for competitive games and quick games.

A new hero will accompany the second season of the Battle Pass, Blizzard has already revealed that it will be a new Tank hero. However, players who own the first Overwatch will have to unlock it by leveling up within the Battle Pass unlike Kiriko which was automatically unlocked for these players. As a reminder, Kiriko was unlocked at level 55 of the first season’s Battle Pass. We still hope that Blizzard will make future heroes more accessible by placing them at lower levels.

Finally, Blizzard returns at the end of the blog to the failures of rank placement in competitive by the game’s algorithms, which sent many players to ranks far below their real rank . The bug has been fixed since release and players will receive an experience boost to help them quickly regain their true rank. Players who have not made their placements yet will not experience this bug.

As a reminder, Season 1 of Overwatch 2 is scheduled to end on December 6, 2022. Until then, the Halloween event is supposed to start very soon, on October 25, and will be an opportunity for players to experience a new atmosphere in the game.

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