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It was initially suspected that a rival criminal organization called the Capulets was behind the attack. This has the Sheriff worried about a gang war in the city, banning all law enforcement officers from participating. However, when the case was cleared up, many questions were raised. With no one else left to change, it’s up to Cuddles and Tabby’s collective minds to figure out what really happened that fateful night.

From the outside looking in, the story might look rather cliché and stale, as similar stories have been made dozens of times. But the deeper you dive into Nine Noir Lives, the more it will bring you truly shocking moments and loads of laughs.

A good example of humor can be found in the NPC, who suffers from a catnip addiction. Instead of treating this as a joke, the game treats this as a serious problem. This is because catnip is equated to the same degree in cats’ world, as heroin is in ours.

As a Private Investigator, you must find leads through interrogating NPCs, exploring crime scenes, and solving trivia. From there, you’ll begin to build a report on who may have committed the murder. Needless to say, this is easier said than done.

You have 4 actions that you can perform freely. It’s navigating, looking, talking/interacting and finally licking. That’s right, lick. Our lackluster protagonist is addicted to licking any and all objects he can find. For the most part, the act of self-consciousness serves no purpose, but it’s funny to see the reactions of other cats.

Naturally, you will inevitably encounter some hurdles. If you don’t find a clue, then you have the option to enable the ‘Story Mode’ setting. This gives you suggestions on what to do next. You will still have to complete the puzzles in this mode, though, the puzzles are difficult or unbalanced. Overall, if you watch Nine Noir Lives like an interactive movie, you’ll get a lot out of it.

Every language in the game, including everything from environments to interactive items, is expertly hand-drawn. It’s arranged in a way that replicates ’30s-style film noir posters, albeit with a vintage neon flair. The use of vibrant colors only highlights the intricate details of the décor.

Outside of the scene, the user interface has also been cleverly finished. The various elements that comprise the user interface, such as text boxes, inventory, cursors, and even menus, all react dynamically. Furthermore, they are also well-suited to intuitive games and themed presentations.

Composer Travis Ford DE Castro perfects the noir atmosphere through his work in the game. Each track uses an orchestra-based instrumentation, with brass and double bass placed front and center to appropriately set the mood. This choice allows OSTs to cover a wide range of genres, from jazz and blues, to big band and swing. Sometimes you just want to stop for a moment to take yourself to the music.

Nine Noir Lives is a great contemporary take on the Point and Click genre. It seamlessly blends comedy with intrigue, culminating together in a gripping and suspenseful story. The characters are equally entertaining and expertly rendered by the talented voice actors. Artistically, the hand-drawn backgrounds are gorgeous, and composer Travis Ford DE Castro has done a flawless job of complementing them through his music.

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