Frozen became a Disney blockbuster

Pictures every morning when I wake up

First of all, the princesses wake up every time. Although this is only a rather small detail, it is worth noting, because every morning when waking up, the tile house as well as the cottage, everyone will have messy hair and dim eyes. 

However, this detail in the previous Disney princess sets was not available because those princesses were set up to be always beautiful in all circumstances, whether harmed or scared, they are always beautiful. let alone the messy hair after waking up every morning like princess Anna in our Frozen. 

True love

The biggest difference, and also the main turning point of Frozen, is the way the film handles the old concept of true love. Princess Anna, who has been under house arrest for many years, is a dreamy girl who has a strong desire for love. When Arendelle’s gates are opened for Elsa’s coronation, Anna meets the charming, funny and sensitive Prince Hans. Hans proposed to Anna and she immediately agreed. 

When she found out, Elsa couldn’t believe this and exclaimed “I can’t marry someone I just met”. At this point, I can imagine the faces and emotions of the previous Disney princesses when I heard this sentence of Elsa. They will probably be very “ticky” and do not know what to say with awkward emotions and laughter. 

To the scene when Elsa accidentally froze Anna’s heart and the way to break the curse is still true love like many other Disney princess movies. 

Upon learning that only true love can break the curse, Kristoff and Anna decide to run together to get a kiss of true love to break the curse. However, realizing Hans’ intention to kill Elsa, Anna gave up running to Kristoff’s side even though she really wanted to, instead running to stand for Elsa in front of Hans’ sword and she was completely frozen. whole. 

It was thought that Anna would be frozen forever, but Disney turned the car quickly by letting Anna “defrost” with the true love of the two sisters, without the need for a prince’s kiss. Thus, through Frozen, we realize that true love is not necessarily a love between a man and a woman, but it can be intimacy. 

Thanks to the logical, reasonable and unrealistic details like the previous princess sets, Frozen has created many funny, funny and equally touching details that make viewers experience many emotions. different emotions, received the love of the audience and became a Disney blockbuster. There are even people who can watch the movie over and over again without getting bored, which is enough to prove the goodness and love of the audience for Frozen.

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