Microsoft Edge 106 Now Available for Download

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Microsoft has recently released a new stable version of Microsoft Edge, bringing the app to version 106 on the desktop

Needless to say, Microsoft Edge 106 comes with several important improvements, including two new features.

Microsoft says Edge 106 can provide more reliable web defense, as well as more work results in the address bar.

Here are the two new features detailed by Microsoft:  

– More reliable web defense. Browse the web with more reliable protection thanks to the rewritten Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library for Microsoft Edge on Windows, which was introduced in Microsoft Edge version 103. The NewSmartScreenLibraryEnabled policy is now deprecated in Microsoft Edge version 106 and will be obsolete in Microsoft Edge version 107.

– Increased Work Results in the Microsoft Edge address bar. We’ve increased the maximum number of work results that display in the address bar from 2 to 4, which offers greater visibility into the work content available to you as you search. This feature requires the AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled policy enabled to work.

As it typically happens when new Microsoft Edge updates are released, the company has also included new policies and deprecated others, while also moving several to the obsolete group.

One of the most important, however, is the efficiency mode that can now be enabled with a dedicated policy in the browser. The following new policies are new in version 106:  

– EfficiencyModeEnabled – Efficiency mode enabled

– EfficiencyModeOnPowerEnabled – Enable efficiency mode when the device is connected to a power source

– InternetExplorerIntegrationAlwaysUseOSCapture – Always use the OS capture engine to avoid issues with capturing Internet Explorer mode tabs

Users can download the new browser version using the links in the article as well as with the help of the built-in auto-update engine that is bundled with Microsoft Edge. And of course, given the improvements mentioned above, you should get version 106 as soon as possible.

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